Welcome to A Search for Peace. Join me as I seek insight and answers around the world.

A Search Begins

A Search Begins

About a month ago I awoke—as I do most mornings these days—thinking about the state of the world. Instead of feeling frustrated or downhearted, however, my mood was . . . curious.

I thought about barriers to peace—ignorance, intolerance, righteousness, laziness—and wondered about the people across nations working to break these barriers down.

My mind clicked through a series of questions: Which organizations and individuals are finding significant success? What does it take to rise above ingrained challenges? Is truly knocking down walls too lofty a goal in this fractured and complicated world?

As I pondered, I realized that I had a unique opportunity to find answers. On January 25, 2019 I leave on a journey to 12 destinations around the globe. One country and major international city a month. Here’s my itinerary:

  • Cape Town — February

  • Marrakesh — March

  • Lisbon — April 

  • Valencia — May

  • Hanoi — June

  • Chiang Mai — July

  • Kyoto — August

  • Kuala Lumpur — September

  • Santiago — October

  • Lima — November

  • Medellin — December

  • Mexico City — January 2020

So I’ve begun a project. A mission of sorts.

I seek to understand how NGOs, social entrepreneurs, and individual thought leaders worldwide work toward peace, conflict resolution, social justice, and women’s empowerment.

My goal is to listen, learn, and bear witness. In this space I will write about and visually document what I hear and experience.

Follow along as I start the conversation in Cape Town in early February.

My name is Dawn Hagin and I’m on a search for peace.

The words of Steve Biko

The words of Steve Biko